All Great Endeavours, Begin With Courage First

At Alphathum, we take initiatives with full of determination for creating India’s most efficacious business towers or making the model for the real, affecting and financial well-being of the residents and users of our evolution. We have an expert sales team who take pride in creating new ideas towards modern work processes. We work for all the stakeholders who can accept any challenge for their own biased thought process to distribute fact-based service and worthwhile interaction between users and their perception.

Fastest Developing

Buying a property incorporates a large amount of money, it is always advisable to invest in a property which is likely to provide outstanding returns of investment in future. And,Noida has become one of the most prosperous destinations in terms of infrastructure and investment. According to research analyst, a city that will not shrink will always be in demand. Investing in a real estate property in Noida, it always can be a remunerative real estate investment choice. For Alphathum, it is only possible when it finds its home in the rapid developing city. If we talk about Gurgaon then the development in Gurgaon is continuously increasing that might affect the population residing there. Thus, it might be flinch when the demand will increase of the corporate world. This is why, Noida is an accurate choice for investing money in real estate as it has emerged as the new favourite for corporates and MNCs alike.

Location Map

  • Very close to the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Yamuna Expressway & FNG Expressway
  • 20 minutes away from Ashram chowk
  • Situated in the Noida sector 90
  • 2 minutes reach from metro station
  • 45 Minutes from upcoming International Airport

Capital of Connectivity


  • We have delivered 75000+ residential apartments within a km
  • Expanses leading to a upper recruitment base


  • Key infrastructure in place in the neighbourhood, L.E.


  • INFOSYS CAMPUS coming up with a 28.9 acres just near to Alphathum


  • Already many MNCs and bank such as Wipro,Dell, TCS, Accenture, Infosys, Oracle, Samsung, Barclays,,, Yes Bank etc. are located in Noida-Greater Noida


  • The hub of upcoming FILM CITY II NOIDA


  • Noida connects the greater noida expressway, thus most of the business owners are shifting to the noida.


  • Our project will connect Noida and Greater Noida and beyond the Yamuna expressway. The superb infrastructure on the side of the highway will surely help in increasing the growth rate.


  • FNG corridor will fortify the real estate sector and build an matchless line commerce.

Fastest Appreciating

All great endeavours, begin with courage first. The ability to rethink the prevalent paradigms. Deconstruct what is accepted. And begin creation from an unbiased and uninfluenced point of origin, the only path to creating what the world has never seen. At Alphathum, that very courage is our spark for every initiative, be it creating India’s most efficient business towers or creating the blueprint for the physical, emotional and financial well-being of the occupants and customers of our developments.We take pride in our pioneering work processes that encourage all stakeholders to challenge their own preconceived thought process to deliver true value and meaningful interaction between people and with nature.

  • Smooth traffic management: In Noida, there are well-designed internal road network that help minimize the congestion at spike times.
  • Ample Parking: We provide sufficient parking areas and dedicated bus bays
  • Mechanically Ventilated Basements: For keeping the sub level environment engaging
  • Walkways for Connectivity within the buildings and an excellent inter-building connectivity matrix
  • Proper airy Office Spaces through the use of energy efficacious glass
  • We render central freeze Water Air Conditioning System regulates an environmental equilibrium while maintaining the temperature throughout the year.
  • We work on the construction Methodology steel structures with speed floors that is designed by our specialized experts/agencies.
  • Ultra Modern Building with ample speed lifts and exclusive entrance foyer.
  • We use automated building management System with hvac to bring down the energy consumption.

Fastest Building

Alphathum will take 20 Lakh sq ft of built up area to be developed with three massive skyscraper towers. These towers will be connected by good-looking eternal pool in the top. As it will start from the Asia’s largest incubation center that will provide the perfect optimization of light and air, high-end technology. Undeniably, there is no commercial space like Alphathum. The architecture of Alphathum focuses on using the sensible sources of energy like fuel cell, wind, solar, geothermal energy systems to minimize the eco-impact.

Fastest Selling

We at Alphathum perceive the importance of your aspiration and ensure that your investment is put with us worthwhile from starting the project. This is why our flexible CLP Assured Returns plan give ensurety that you get the first cheque on the same day when you pay your installment. Your value of returns increase according to your paid up installments so, you do not need to wait for your finishing your entire payment. We welcome you to a modern era of real estate investment with high security. Do it now, no longer to wait for it.

Alphathum Plan